#9 Trendy Boho Hat Styles for Women’s Fashion!

Greetings members of the boho community, are you looking for accessories that will take your boho fashion styles to the next level? Congratulations, you have arrived at the right place. The first item that you should add to your cart to surge up your fashion game is the boho hat style.

As it is the very first thing to get noticed when one is wearing it. Hence, we will keep our primary focus on hats. We have provided a list of 9 trendy boho hat styles for women’s fashion. Based on research from top-selling hats from our and other E-commerce websites. Later we will focus on other accessories that will add nuance to your dressing style. 

What is Boho Fashion?

Before jumping into the list, let us learn what boho or bohemian style actually is as there are many, who are confused between boho and hippie style. 

The Boho and hippie styles have many similarities, in fact, the boho dressing style had a huge influence and inspired the hippie style. Still, there are some differences, which are mentioned below:

  • The Boho style means using earthly colors with flowy and long dresses like skirts, long gowns, and maxis. Further, the dresses could include details like embroidery, fringes, or layered jewelry.
  • On the other hand, in hippie style, the clothes should be loose and comfortable with prints or embroidery of patterns and designs denoting peace. Some examples are tie-dye shirts, palazzo or bell-bottom pants, and casual relaxed blouses.
  • Bohemian fashion was initiated in the 19th century by the poverty-stricken artist. The college students were the pioneers of the hippy movement as a counter-culture. 

Different Types of Boho Hats for Women Fashion

Boho or bohemian fashion is all about expressing individuality and a free-spirited attitude. One of the staple accessories of boho fashion is the hat. Here are some different types of boho hats for women’s fashion:

1. Beanies Hat Style

Beanies bohemian hat

As beanies have made it to the top of the list, they are the most trendy boho hats. Commonly worn by athletes, bikers, and dancers. Though there is no hard and fast rule, these are versatile and can be worn anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. Beanies are made with wool or a blend of wool with other synthetic fibers. They are preferred in cold weather, these are elastic and machine washable and can be extended to cover ears. It is advised to have beanies made of 100% wool as synthetic fiber shrink if exposed to high temperature and may cause discomfort.  

2. Floppy Hats 

Floppy hats are somewhat similar to straw hats in terms of manufacturing and purpose. Made from straw, wool felts, or other synthetic fabrics. The Floppy hat is raised from front and back and bent downwards from the sides. This is a popular option for boho fashion enthusiasts. It looks really cute with an elongated gown or sleeveless skirt!                    

3. Straw Hats 

As the name suggests these hats are made from the straw of palm trees or any other synthetic material. They have wide similar to floppy hats, the only difference being the brim of floppy hats are wavy. These were designed for the protection of the head, neck, and or even shoulders from the hot beaming rays of the sun. You can wear these on the beach or while trekking in the mountains or jungle safari. 

4. Fedoras 

Initially, Fedoras were part of men’s fashion later it became popular among women. Now, these hats have become unisex. It has a soft brim with an intended crown. Fedoras are manufactured from wool or cotton felts. These are known to be versatile and stylish and can be worn with any outfit or occasion.

5. Panama Hats

Panama Hat Styles

Panama hats offer a vintage style as these hats have one of the oldest origins. These were first observed by the Spaniards, and worn by natives of Ecuador. Panama hats are made with a straw of the toquilla plant, and weaved by an expert. The top-grade hats may take months to make. Panama hats are lightweight and do not give a feeling of the tightly knotted tread on the head. Panama hats can be worn on a hot day or season or on any formal occasion.     

6. Newsboy Caps

Newsboy is soft and comfortable, they have elongated brims in front of the face to provide shade. Newsboy caps can be made up of many fibers and felts like denim, cotton, wool, etc. These are highly casual, perfect for the boho-chic style like trees with jeans or mini-skirt with denim jeans. These are currently trending as these wear always worn by Thomas Selby in the popular web series Peaky Blinders.

7. Trilby

Often confused with Fedoras, They have shorter brims when compared to fedoras, and their brims are tapered. You may have seen these worn by rich guys gathered to bet on a horse betting game in older TV shows. These unisex hats are made with wool, cotton, or rabbit fur and come in a variety of colors and designs. Generally preferred for formal occasions. 

8. Cloche Hats

‘Cloche’ is a French word that simply means ‘bell’. The brims of these hats are bent downwards making the shape of a bell. Making material of cloche hats is wool, beaver fur, cotton, and other synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. These are made popular by movies and old TV shows, these hats are reserved for women and can add sophistication to your fashion sense. Possibly the best hats for weddings, if you are not a bride. 

9. Bucket Hats 

They too have downward brims like cloche hats but they are a little firmer than cloche hats. Heavy wool and cotton are used to make them firmer and stiffer. Sometimes they have a little opening on the sides for ventilation so you don’t feel suffocated. Buckets are available in several design patterns and colors. It is versatile and can be worn to enhance the elegance of your boho dress.

Other Boho Accessories to Level-Up Your Style!

As promised here are some more accessories to raise your fashion game. 

→ Scarf

Who is not familiar with this, this little piece of cloth can really help detail and sophistication to your fashion style. These can be worn on the head, neck, and even waist. These are made with a variety of fabrics, though it is preferred to have a scarf that is made with 100% natural fiber.           

→ Jewelry

No matter what, jewelry gives a really positive vibe to a boho outfit. You can wear earrings with fringes or beads on the nose or belly button. Make sure that particular metal doesn’t react with your skin. That causes really bad rashes and discomfort. 

→ Hand Bands

Hand bands were very common back then but now they are replaced with smartwatches. Anyway, there are still many who prefer to wear these, and there are still many cute options available in the market. And there is not much to say just, make sure it is in harmony with your outfit. 

→ Goggles  

Last but definitely not least. Goggles are almost a necessity especially when you are going hiking or at the beach. Besides adding detail to your fashion style specs are really helpful in protecting your eyes from the scorching sun. There are a plethora of styles and shades available in the market and due to their popularity designers continue to experiment and bring new styles to the market.

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Hope you find this list of different boho hat styles useful. Feel free to leave the comments. I would love to hear your point of view.