20 Attractive Bohemian Style Tattoos Ideas (With Meaning)

Bohemian tattoos or tattoos in general are getting increasingly popular among the millennials, which is quite evident from social media. Boho tattoos symbolize free-spirited and easygoing folks. Any tat that conveys this message either boldly or subtly can be defined as a ‘bohemian tattoo’.

It can be the sun, moon, stars, cute floral designs, and earthly animals. Before you get that ink under your skin, you might want to take a look at these boho tattoo ideas. Who knows, you might change your mind and get inspired, and come up with something way better and meaning! We have curated an exclusive list of 20+ bohemian-style tattoo ideas with their meaning. 

A Brief Story of Tattoos and Boho Fashion

The history of tattoos dates much older and is far richer than any other fashion movement. That’s crazy, tattoos were even found on the bodies of mummies. 

The Boho fashions got popular in France somewhere around the early 18 century. Then some enthusiasts started getting tattoos and symbols on their bodies for identification and to symbolize their carefree and non-serious lifestyle these were generally florals or mesmerizing patterns. There was a further blend in the 1960s during the hippie movement.  On this date, it is almost a trend to get minimalist tattoo designs on the hands, fingers, and ankles.    

Here is a list of trendy tattoos from where you can take inspiration for your own tattoo or get in your skin as it is. 

Florals Tattoo Design Idea

This is the most popular boho tattoo design according to the trends on social media. Floral tattoos symbolize beauty, elegance, uniqueness, and love. Although different flowers can signify different meanings. The meaning and feeling may change according to further designs or patterns.

1. Lotus Flower Design

What will happen if you were raised in an area where the neighborhood was full of criminals? Not absolutely but, most likely you end up the same as them. The lotus, even though it flowers in a ditch or grotesque puddle, grows with mesmerizing beauty. Due to this lotus is a symbol of enlightenment, spirituality, and solitude. It looks really cool on the forearms and hands.

2. Rose Design

When the rose flower is attached to the plant it is covered with pointy and annoying prickles, which makes it a little difficult to get to these flowers. It is hard to have things that are worth it or beautiful. Thoughtfully, roses signify boldness and aggression due to their majestic red color.

It symbolizes beauty, elegance, and love. You don’t need anything else if you are deciding to have a rose tattoo as the rose alone is enough. But if you are interested there are many simple designs or juxtapositions. A popular one is the integration of serrated leaves with prickles to add a little more detail to your design, Rose tattoo looks great on any part of the body, though it is recommended that a rose tattoo should be avoided on legs. 

3. Daisy Design

These are bright white flowers that could symbolize attractiveness, domination, and boldness. Daisy is the popular name given to a girl. So, if your name is Daisy ‘Hi’ you can just have your name tatted on your wrist which will have the same significance as the flower itself.   

4. Gardenia Design

These are one of the most beautiful flowers, it is enchanting if you get it done on your arm or thighs. The petals are intricately arranged and may signify peace, and harmony. Gardenia is truly one of the marvels of the universe and worth getting a tattoo of one of these. 

5. Sunflower Design

The color tattoo of these bright yellow flowers might provide a better vibe. The sunflower is truly a sign of assertiveness, flexibility, boldness, and beauty. 

Creating a sunflower tattoo design for boho tops can be a stunning addition. Consider a vibrant sunflower with delicate petals and intricate details. Incorporate bohemian elements like feathers, dreamcatchers, or mandalas to enhance the boho vibe. Play with colors and placement to make it uniquely yours.

6. Datura Design

These eye-pleasing but dangerous flowers have many names, but we are here just for tattoos right, these will rest beautifully on your shoulders or forearms. 

It’s quite interesting that one who knows about these flowers will get a feeling of danger, addiction, and witchcraft by seeing these on your arms. Still, the one who is completely unaware of it will feel how beautiful and adorable they are on your arms or wrists. 

These should be the natural choice for those who are into dark stuff they also add an evil eye for increased effect, and many are quite evident from the popularity of the show ‘Wednesday’. Overall these symbolize intoxication, and mystery, and may also represent being alert and conscious.

7. Tulip Design

You don’t a tat of the whole flower, obviously, you can but just the bud is enough. Even their bud looks really great. It can be done on the wrists or forearms. This flower is a true symbol of love, romance, and forgiveness. 

8. Leaves Design

Leaves Design


Leaves alone do not make a tattoo complete, it always needs something like a flower or butterfly to get a complete and amusing look. Small regular leaves look astonishingly good with a dream lady or wanderlust!   

Names or Quotes: Looks Cool on Wrist

These are getting increasingly popular among teens, don’t you tell me that you haven’t seen one of a teen showing his name tattooed on the side of his wrist? You can also get your name or your favorite quote that tells that you are boho on your wrist.    

1. Sun Tattoos: Signature Bohemian Tattoo 

The sun tattoo is next on the list after names or quotes when it comes it boho tattoos. Further, sun tatts can be combined with other designs and patterns like adding rays or giving it facial features, etc.  As the sun is the center of our solar system it denotes independence, leadership, self-sufficiency, boldness, consistency, aggression, and domination.

2. Moon Tattoo Ideas

The tattoos of the moon or phases of the moon are among the popular options. Besides adding sophistication and elegance to your style, the moon is a symbol of love, commitment, romance, and peace.  

3. Sun and Moon Combination 

Combing the sun and moon is also a great option. It symbolizes the cycle of life. You can get a sun tattoo on sun tattoo on one of your hands or legs and a moon on the other, or in only one hand with arrows on both sides. 

4. Mandala Tattoo with Meaning

Mandela tattoo

These are intricate circular patterns that signify the interconnected of the universe. There are several mandala patterns, all very versatile and look great on almost all parts of the body. 

Animals or Insects: Boho Tattoo

1. Dolphins Tattoo

You should definitely have this on if you are a boater or fisherman. Dolphins are the most intelligent sea animals which makes them the symbol of intelligence and they also symbolize peace, unity, and strength. It looks really cool on the shoulders and stomach obviously you can have your own preference.

2. Elephants Tattoo

The tattoo of elephants really belongs to the legs, and thighs to be more specific. Although they are absolutely fearless due to their size they have heard animals. Elephants’ tatt could signify strength, patience, and a family-caring attitude.  

3. Butterfly Tattoo

These are one of the most versatile designs and can be done on almost any part of your body. This is one of the best options for boho dress style as the butterfly is a sign of free spirit and beauty and elegance. There are endless combinations, designs, and patterns available and options still continue to grow, may you add someone more!       

4. Honey Bee Tattoo

The honey bee with Queen bee and beeswax all in harmony, done professionally will look really great on the back. Bees symbolize strength, unity, freedom, hard work, and sacrifice. 

5. Ants Tattoo

These tats are similar to bees in terms of symbolism and in appearance too just they don’t have wings.        


The are many cool combinations of animals or insects popular ones being butterflies and bees with flowers or leaves.

⇒  Arrow Tattoo Ideas

The arrow with beautiful patterns on the tails looks really appealing. These are common on hands and fingers. The arrow signifies direction, assertiveness, and goal-oriented being. If you are selecting one of the cool designs then you make sure it is pointed in an upwards direction, which signifies growth and will keep your mood positive all the time when you quickly glance at it or show it. It’s a good symbol for non-quitters and dreamcatchers.

Color Tattoos

These are popular among Americans, it is just that you can have your tattoo in any color you want. The color can really enhance your florals or butterfly tattoo design.  

Here is the end note. Hope you liked these bohemian-style tattoo ideas (with meaning) and they may inspire you to have your own bohemian tattoo. You can also choose from other kinds of tattoos of birds like dove, eagle, or feathers.