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Looking for stunning flawless fashion style? Then influence the world by adopting a bohemian style. Bohemian style is the ideal combo of comfort, freedom and femininity. It keeps you in style without restricting your movement and highlights your carefree side. Relaxed, flowy and free, loose and light-weight, skin-friendly, earthy shades, ethnic patterns and prints – this is how boho clothing is described. Explore now!

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New Boho Arrivals on Sale

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Boho Dresses for All Seasons

Be it a bloodless wintry season or a hot summer season, you can adore boho dresses in any season. During winter, you can go for boho maxi dresses along with boho leather boots. For mild cold weather, you can opt boho midi dresses, boho flare pants or boho maxi skirts paired with an elegant boho blouse or boho tees. We also have boho sweaters that will keep your body warm with fashion during cold icy days.
For the summer season, you can go for boho mini dresses along with boho sandals for a sexy look. Boho mini skirt along with a boho blouse is also a stunning option that you can try. We have a remarkable collection of boho beach dresses that you will love to adore for an iconic beach look.

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Add Finishing Touch to Your Style

Boho chic style is incomplete without boho accessories. Macrame bags, rattan bags, fringe bags, embroidered backpacks and ethnic print drawstring bags will add life to your bohemian chic style.
Don’t settle here, also add boho jewellery to maximise your fashion style. There are a variety of things that you can look for in boho accessories like boho rings, boho earrings, boho necklaces, boho bracelets, boho anklets, boho ring sets, boho nose rings and many more. The speciality of boho chic jewellery is that you can effortlessly identify it due to its maximalist look.

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What does it take to adopt Boho–Chic and get the bohemian vibes?

The style of clothes we wear had a history. Different cultures have different norms for what to wear and are different for men, women and children. And sometimes these norms are followed strictly. Boho style has a history too. The word Boho is the short form of bohemian, the people who are considered adventurous, wanderers and vagabonds sometimes. However, the French Word Chic means the style. So, the whole word boho-chic means the bohemian style. It had gained popularity in the 1960s and the style was also later adopted by famous personalities and celebrities.

Boho has inspiring features of natural elements, hippie trippy patterns and earthy shades that will drive you mad. There’s nothing wrong to call it timeless fashion. The one who tries falls in love with it forever. Haven’t you tried it yet? Hurry up and order boho wear from our collection.

If you are willing to adopt the boho style but don’t know where you should start, then you are at the right place and right time. There’s good news for you, you won’t get confused about trying the boho style because boho has a colour palette of earthy shades that mix and match with everything! Just you have to opt for one light and another dark shade to get the best combination. You can also prefer sister shades and avoid neon or high saturated shades. Mixing prints makes it easier. Ah! That loose, relaxed fits, embroideries and prints, and trumpet and bishop style sleeves – will make you look like an elegant bohemian…

For bottoms, you can go for flowy, flouncy skirts with boho prints, flared silhouettes, relaxed denim shorts and many more. Loose off-shoulder maxis, distressed denim jackets, boho print kimono, etc. adds more beauty to your style. Don’t stick here, it has also many varieties in footwear like relaxed platform heels, low cowboy boots, comfortable Chucky heels… Not only this has a wide range of variety in accessories with ethnic designs, antique fashion jewellery, oversize scarfs, rattan bags and belts etc. Simply, what you can look for an extra elegant bohemian vibe is – boho Shoes, boho bags, boho Headwear and boho jewellery.

One can also choose any bohemian clothing style – the hippie, 70s, romantic, edgy, country, eclectic bohemian style besides chic bohemian. Men can also opt for bohemian men-style choosing boho tops, boho pants and tops, boho outwears, boho shoes and boho accessories. We, the TRULY BOHO help you to adopt a perfectly elegant and charming boho-chic style. Boho is also the coolest fashion style for all lazy fashion lovers. So, stop thinking and start searching for our amazing collection for both women and men and get the bohemian vibes at a budget-friendly price.

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Be a Pro Boho and make the world say Woah!

Want to influence the world with your style? Want to try boho and be a pro boho? Don’t worry, because we are here for you to guide you to get the best boho look and help you to be a pro boho. But how to start or what to look for? It’s just simple… Firstly, you have to look for a boho dress from our wide and amazing collection.

You can go for a boho dress as per your choice of colour, season or as per its type like – boho mini dress, midi or a maxi and we have many more varieties. But don’t worry if you don’t like dresses then Truly Boho also have boho tops and bottoms for you that you would like.

You can get a variety of tops such as boho blouses, boho shirts, long sleeves bohos, short sleeves bohos and many more. After choosing tops you can go for bottoms like – boho miniskirts, boho long skirts or boho pants available in various materials and different designs. You can also try a jumpsuit and cardigan from the outfit.

Boho dresses, boho tops and bottoms are enough to get you a cool boho-chic look but if you want more then add boho shoes to enhance your style. We have a variety of Boho shoes such as boho boots, boho sandals, and boho slippers which are available in natural and warm hues, embroideries and woody accents.

Now, you are in the last stage of being pro-boho! But what is left now? Boho dresses, outfits, tops and bottoms, shoes everything that is required for a perfect boho-chic look is covered. Wait, how could you forget the boho accessories! Boho accessories are like icing on a cake. It adds energy to your style and makes you a gorgeous and artistic pro-boho. From accessories you can, you can opt for a boho bag, boho purse, boho scarf, boho headbands and most important boho jewellery.

Macramé bags, rattan bags, embroidered backpacks, fringe bags, leather bags, and ethnic print shoulder bags are just magic to enhance your style. If you don’t like bags, then you can go for a purse. Along with boho headbands, you can also look for other head accessories like floral hairpins, straw hats, fedora hats and boho turbans. Layered neckless, African finger rings, Mexican bracelets, gems and pearl earrings – completes your dream of being pro boho.

That’s all about being PRO BOHO! You are just one step away from it and that step is Buy and Try. One who tries boho becomes boho – by – default. Don’t believe this, no? Alright, I dare you to try the boho style and don’t feel hesitate to come back if you like. What attracts to adopt boho is – its originality, quality and comfortability. We, at Truly Boho, provide you with the same at a very reasonable cost.

TRULY BOHO provides a wide range of variety from boho dresses to boho Accessories, from boho tops to boho bottoms which are available in a variety of bohemian materials – lace, denim, crochet, leather, tortoise, suede, wood, rattan and various bohemian patterns like floral, tribal, ikat, trellis, paisley, kilim and lattice. You can also search for your favourite bohemian embellishments like Embroidery, Fringe, Appliques, Tassels, Studs, Pom-pom and fringe.

Boho fashion is not limited to clothing styles but also has its roots in lifestyle. Here are some more elements which will make you pro boho and those are – boho furniture, boho electronics, boho kitchen and boho Books that you can search for. A boho home with boho furniture and a boho kitchen will be the best place to live which subsequently provides you peace and happiness.

We, TRULY BOHO are known for the boho maxi and boho accessories that you can surely try. Boho not only depicts your clothing style, but it also depicts your mindset which may describe you as an artist, leader, conformist, conservational, free spirit and hippy type. You can also read our boho blogs to get more tips to be a pro boho. Don’t wait, go ahead and order a boho wear today. We’ll love to see you back again!


This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

For Hippie Bohemian Style

This style offers you the original look of 60s bohemians. Adore fashionable and exciting tie-dye prints, flowy maxi dresses with ultra-long locks and flat boho sandals. Don’t forget to add a headband for an absolute hippie bohemian look.

hippie boho

For Romantic Bohemian Style

This style is an ultimate option if you’re going on a romantic date or can also adore it for the wedding. Embrace the style by opting for floral, sheer fabric, delicate crochet, vintage overload and flouncy maxis tended towards softer hues, blush tones and ivories. Also, keep in mind to add bedazzled accessories for a flawless romantic bohemian look.

For Country Bohemian Style

Denim and leather are the jack of this style. Cowboy boots, denim shorts, denim pants, denim jackets, leather belts, cowboy or fedora hats, fringe bags, oversized sunglasses – all these can offer you an original country bohemian look. Ensure you’re preferring warm hues like mustard, caramel, rich browns etc.

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Truly Boho aims to offer trendy original bohemian wear worldwide at the lowest price and enhance your bohemian fashion style. We have a remarkable collection of boho dresses, tops, shoes, bottoms, outfits as well as accessories available in various sizes, different ethnic embellishments and in iconic patterns and prints that you’ll love to style.

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