Shipping Information & Rates

We are currently shipping to the following countries

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore and many more!

In a near future, we will be shipping items directly from the USA warehouse. This page will be updated once we decide to ship from the USA warehouse. Currently, our products are shipped from China, USA, Canada location depending on the item availability.

Shipping Time

Our order processing time is 3-4 days. Usually, we try to process the orders much faster. All the custom outfit needs at least 5-10 business days to make the product. Our average delivery time is 10-12 business days for normal orders and 15-30 business days for a custom outfit/dress. Please consult our chat executive or for additional information about the shipping time.

During holidays, we do try to deliver the products earlier. Such a condition is only applicable for Christmas or Easter products.

Important Note: Customs clearance, delays at the airports due to security issues, etc aren’t accountable in the number of days mentioned in our shipping times. Because such things aren’t in anyone’s control.

Shipping Rates

All express shipping orders are executed first. Following is the shipping method and rate available for all the countries

Shipping Method Duration Price USA/Canada Australia/New Zealand
Regular Shipping 13-15 Business Days $5 to $7 $5 to $7 $5 to $7
Express Shipping 7-9 Business Days $34.99 $34.99 $34.99


We’re very proud to offer the lowest shipping rates to across the world. During non-festival, we can ship the product to the entire world without additional costs.

**Business days are Monday to Friday. We do not ship products or process orders on Saturday and Sunday.

Same Day and 1-Day Delivery

Unfortunately, due to the nature and complexity of the process, we do not offer same day and 1-day delivery option. In the future, we may change this policy. Please check back this space for more updates in the future.