6 Ways to Include Boho Dress Style for Different Occasions

Bohemian style is timeless and has never gone out of fashion, This type of fashion is highly popular even today. The boho dress style is all about being free-spirited, easygoing, and relaxed in boho outfits, which are perfect for every occasion. The 60s and 70s Bohemian lover has always been identified by his/her flowing fabrics, natural materials, and earthy colors. 

Whether you are heading out for a casual date or just want to include boho style dresses in your everyday wardrobe, there is bohemian style clothing for every occasion. 

Whatever function or program you are headed to, it is always a good idea to look at the general fashion trend and mix and match different boho dress styles to suit the occasion. It can either be a floral dress, a maxi-style dress, or any other dress.

Stepping out in the boho chic look will ensure that you are the star attraction of any function or gathering. You can style outfits as per the occasion and impress everyone with your new approach to fashion. 

The Internet is full of ideas on how to include boho dress style in our day-to-day life. It is really fun to dress up in different boho styles and be a trendsetter of the boho fashion look. The influence of bohemian culture on our mainstream fashion is there for everyone to see and nowadays everyone wants to look boho, wherever they go.  

Bohemian Style Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion 

The Bohemian style or the casual boho style is one of those styles, which will never go out of fashion. Bohemian outfits are known for their chic fashion, bohemian chic, and eclectic style. Bohemian clothing is all about mixing and matching different patterns, fabrics, and textures to create a unique and whimsical clothing style. 

Bohemian style clothing is perfect for any type of occasion, be it casual or festive. Bohemian style outfit ideas style will never go out of fashion and designers across the world will try to bring out new styles of bohemian chic fashion.

If you are interested in knowing boho dress style for any kind of occasion, then read on to get some ideas: 

1. Casual Occasions

Boho Casual Dress Style


When dressing for casual occasions, try to include boho chic outfits by keeping things comfortable and effortless. You can be rocking the boho look by adorning a flowy maxi dress in a bold print or a pair of loose-fitting pants in a lightweight fabric. 

Add a denim jacket or oversized sweater if you are staying in a cool place. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a fringe bag. All these fashion choices will go a long way in giving you that boho vibe for a casual outing. 

For footwear, opt for comfortable options like flat sandals or ankle boots. Avoid high heels or anything that feels too structured or formal. Your casual bohemian attire should be such that it screams boho without being very obvious. 

Casual footwear can easily become a part of boho clothing and help you stand out in the crowd at any gathering. The boho-chic style is defined as easy and casual so it totally suits the occasion. 

2. Formal Occasions

Bohemian fashion is well suited for formal occasions also. The key is to focus on elegant fabrics and statement pieces. You can get ready in a long, flowing dress in a luxe fabric like silk or velvet. Always go for earthy tones like burgundy or olive green to give a sophisticated vibe. Complete the look by accessorizing with statement jewelry like chandelier earrings or a bold cuff bracelet. 

Coming to footwear, choose strappy heels or ankle boots with chunky heels. Don’t go for anything too casual or flat, as it can be distracting from the formal feel of the outfit. Finish the look with a beaded clutch or embellished handbag. Whatever type of bohemian fashion, you want to include for any formal occasion, it is definitely going to stand out. Dress boho style is the new mantra and nowadays all styles have bohemian elements or boho chic fashion associated with them. 

3. Workplace Occasions

Boho style fashion works well for the office too, albeit with some adjustments. Always go for tailored pieces in classic colors like black, navy, or gray. You can also pair up structured blazers or button-down shirts with wide-leg trousers or a midi skirt. Rock the office look with a statement necklace or a pair of bold earrings.

If we turn our attention to footwear, always choose closed-toe pumps or loafers in neutral shades. Don’t wear anything that is too strappy or casual. At the end of the day, you want to look professional even while including bohemian style in your outfits.

4. Festive Occasions

Bohemian fashion sets the mood right for music festivals and outdoor events. If you are planning to go to any outdoor musical event or other gatherings, then embrace bold prints, vibrant colors, and flowing fabrics. Opt for crop tops paired with high-waisted shorts or a maxi skirt.

You can also dress up in tie-dye tops, crochet dresses, and fringe vests. Your main accessory should be a flower crown, statement sunglasses, and a fringe bag. Statement bohemian jewelry like long neck pieces and dangling earrings will add that extra zing to the boho chic look for anything festive

5. Beach Occasions

Bohemian fashion is perfect for beach days or vacations. Choose lightweight fabrics in natural fibers like cotton or linen. Consider dresses with a touch of boho like flowing dresses or loose-fitting shorts paired with a tank top. You can also wear shorts and off-the-shoulder tops to rock the often disheveled boho style.  Accessorize this look with a wide-brimmed hat, big oversized sunglasses, and a straw tote bag.

For footwear, you can give flat sandals or espadrilles in a neutral shade a try. Don’t go for anything too high or heavy as you will be on the sand full time and it will be difficult there in high heels. Finish off the look with a few beaded bracelets or a delicate necklace.

6. Wedding Occasions

boho style for wedding


Bohemian fashion is not just for casual occasions, it is a great choice for weddings also. Boho chic is a popular wedding trend that is all about natural beauty and effortless elegance. If you are attending a bohemian wedding, then choose a flowing wedding dress in a lace or chiffon fabric. Accessorize this look with delicate flower crowns or headbands, statement earrings, and a simple bag. 

For outdoor weddings, you can always choose bohemian pieces that are elegant and feminine. Choose pastel colors like blush or lavender, to add a romantic touch to your dress, a flowing maxi made from lace or embroidery. Complete the look with delicate bohemian jewelry like a cute necklace or stud earrings. 

Why do Boho Style Outfits Work Every Time?

In the end, always remember that the ultimate bohemian fashion is all about expressing yourself and having fun with your boho fashion style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns, textures, and colors to create a look that is uniquely you. The history of bohemian style dates back many years and popular bohemian trends like hippie style and boho chic fashion was popular then and are still going strong in the world of fashion. You can also definitely be a part of it by incorporating boho fashion into your daily life. 

In general, bohemian clothing styles can be adapted to different occasions by choosing the right pieces, mixing and matching patterns and textures, and accessorizing appropriately. Whatever your version of bohemian- be it edgy boho, laid-back boho, or the ultimate boho, you can enjoy your bohemian wardrobe and be on top of the boho trend. For many people, the boho dress style comes naturally and boho pieces and boho attire are a must-have in their wardrobe. 

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