Boho Bash: 10 Must-Experience Boho Festivals That’ll Blow Your Mind!

Would you like to be in a place where all bohemians come together to showcase their characteristic boho style? A relaxed environment where people have come to embrace the freedom and artistic values of boho clothing? 

If so, then here are 10 boho festivals that you should definitely visit at least once. Boho festivals are more than just wearing cute boho outfits. You can also enjoy singing, dancing, eating hearty meals, and much more!  

Before we let you know about popular bohemian festivals, let’s check out some of the outfits you can wear during these magnificent boho festivals.

10 Boho Festivals You Can’t Afford to Miss

Have you decided on your outfit? It’s completely okay if you haven’t. You’ll get plenty of time for your boho dress. Moving to must-visit boho festivals. These bohemian festivals are hand-picked from all over the world. We’ve made sure, visiting at least one will leave lifelong memories. 

1) Bohemian Burlesque Festival 

boho festive outfit

The Bohemian Burlesque Festival is an annual festival that takes place usually in September. It first took place in 2016 in Brno, Czech. The true land of bohemians as it was formerly called Bohemia. Since 2016 bohemian burlesque are harder than any other boho festival in the world. At this festival, you‘ll get to see burlesque and cabaret performances from all over the world. They are all people irrespective of their age and gender. You can visit their website for more information and to book the tickets. 

2) Boho Hippie Festival – Meggie Valley 

The boho hippie festival is a North Carolina government initiative for bohemians and hippies. This is an annual event, that usually takes place in May. In this boho festival, the bohemians can enjoy music, performance arts, games, food, and more! To learn more about the event, visit the official government website. 

3) Bohemian Levander Festival

The Bohemian Levander Festival is a popular boho event that takes place at Bohemian Bloom and Herb Farm, Idaho, USA. The lavender festival is a very casual two-day event. You can visit this event with your family and friends. Here you’ll get to enjoy fields, music, food, and yoga. There are endless activities that kids can enjoy on this huge farm as well. This farm usually opens during summer. You can visit their site to learn more. 

4) Bohemian Summer Festival

boho summer festival

The Bohemian Summer Festival takes in a town in Australia called Ballan. It’s a three-day two-night boho festival dedicated just to bohemian women. This festival is more than just a casual or wild boho night festival. instead, the main focus of this festival is on self-reflection. The women can freely embrace sisterhood and learn from each other’s experiences in life. And loads of fun activities. Drop on their website to get more detailed information. 

5) Bohemian Jazz Fest

The Bohemian Jazz Fest started back in 2014. It takes place in various cities in the Czech simultaneously. These cities are as follows:

  • Prague   
  • Pilsen   
  • Hluboká nad Vltavou   
  • Prachatice   
  • Domažlice   
  • Brno  

Here boho artists come and give live performances. The highlight of these fests is that all these fests are absolutely free. No tickets, just embrace the art, eat, and have a good time. Visit their website to learn more.  

6) Bohemian Black Festival

The Bohemian Black Festival is of recent origins and takes place in the city of Severna Park, Maryland. Here you can experience boho fashion shows and live singing performances by renowned artists. There is much more you can enjoy like casual dance and delicious food from vendors. You can visit their website to learn more about this wild boho festival.  

7) Bohemian Nights Festival 

The wild event takes on Fort Collins, Old Town Square, and Linden St stadium. In 2023, they have 15 weekly series that take on every Thursday night. It provides a great chance for people residing in northern Colorado to spend some time and listen to fresh music from new artists. 

8) Bohemian Festival Racine

This annual bohemian festival takes place at John Nepomuk stadium, Wisconsin, USA for two days. Though it’s organized by the parish, that doesn’t takes the fun away. Here, you will find a lot of unique ornaments and delicious food, and fun activities that’ll take place at regular intervals. 

9) Bohemian Poppy and Butterfly Festival

This boho fest takes place at the bohemian bloom and Herb, St, Eagle, Idaho. It is a family-owned place that organizes three different boho festivals annually 

  • Bohemian Poppy and butterfly festival 
  • Lavender festival 
  • Bohemian Harvest and equinox festival

10) Nottingham Boho Festival  

This is a unique boho festival that takes place in Nottingham, England. Besides soothing music and mouth-watery food, you can also enjoy mother nature with camping. The music performances will be given by renowned music bands and artists, so you can enjoy music while your kids play on the fields.

Best Outfits to Wear on Boho Festival 

The choice of your outfit will depend on the boho festival you are likely to visit. Because every boho festival is different in terms of values, theme, and purpose. Some boho festivals are similar to wild music festivals and some aim to rediscover the philosophy of bohemian and self-reflection. 

1) Bohemian Traditional Dress

Putting on a traditional boho dress will connect you with the roots of bohemian culture. Forgetting all the worries of life and truly embracing the free and artistic culture of bohemia. Bohemian traditional dress closely resembles country dress. They are flowy and loose with appealing floral colors. This dress is really cute with boho slippers and a headband. 

2) Layer your Outfit 

Detailing your outfits with layers and fringes is one of the important fragments of boho fashion. When it comes to layering what can be better than a comfortable and flowy cardigan? You can wear cardigans over a boho blouse, tank tops, or short sleeve boho tops. However, there are many other layering options like knitted sweaters, hoodies, and jackets that will warp your body and keep you warm in shivery boho night festivals.

3) Midi Dress

boho midi dress

There is a thing about midi dresses, that they can be worn on any occasion, including boho festivals. You can enhance your look by adding details and boho accessories like Boho hats, handbags, and jewelry.   

4) Boho T-Shirt With Mini Skirt

A shirt with a mini dress is truly a boho combination as it highlights free and casual clothing. And exhibits a bold and dominant personality. This boho chic combination is currently treading on social. You can also keep up with the trend and display your fearless and bold nature. And details will only make you look better.

5) Vintage Dress

boho vintage dress

If you are someone who likes to set yourself apart from the crowd, then you can go with a vintage dress. The earthy colors and flowy dress will surely make you shine on the dark boho night. The boho vintage dresses are extremely affordable but it is recommended to wear something that is created with superior craftsmanship, which is both versatile and sustainable.

Excited to Visit Boho Festivals Soon?

Then, start preparation with your favorite boho festive outfit today. Also, I hope that you found this list of inspirational dresses and boho festivals useful. Please let me know which of these festivals happens in your city. And which of these you would like to visit? If you think I missed something or something that you would like to add. Then, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.