boho festival

Boho Bash: 10 Must-Experience Boho Festivals That’ll Blow Your Mind!

Would you like to be in a place where all bohemians come together to showcase their characteristic boho style? A relaxed environment where people have come to embrace the freedom and artistic values of boho clothing?  If so, then here are 10 boho festivals that you should definitely visit at least once. Boho festivals are more […]

Bohemian tattoo styles

20 Attractive Bohemian Style Tattoos Ideas (With Meaning)

Bohemian tattoos or tattoos in general are getting increasingly popular among the millennials, which is quite evident from social media. Boho tattoos symbolize free-spirited and easygoing folks. Any tat that conveys this message either boldly or subtly can be defined as a ‘bohemian tattoo’. It can be the sun, moon, stars, cute floral designs, and […]

Boho Capsule Wardrobe

How to Build a Boho Capsule Wardrobe? An Ultimate Guide

What is a Boho Capsule Wardrobe? Boho style clothing, also known as bohemian style, is a fashion trend that draws inspiration from the free spirit and eclectic lifestyle of the bohemian subculture.  A Boho Capsule Wardrobe is a collection of essential clothing items that embody the bohemian style. It typically consists of versatile pieces that […]